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Cisco AS5300 Access Servers

Cisco AS5300 Access Servers

The Cisco AS5300 Series Access Servers are intended for telecommunication carriers and other Service Providers, as well as large enterprises that require consistent high-density connectivity for subscribers and telecommuters connecting to the Internet and corporate intranets. Additionally, the Cisco AS5300 Series Access Server is an award-winning dialup remote access server and voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateway. When integrated with the Cisco SS7 signalling gateway, the Cisco AS5300 offers exceptional cost reducing carrier class solutions.

Also Found As:

  • Cisco AS5300 Access Servers
  • Used Cisco AS5300 Series Access Servers
  • Refurbished Cisco AS5300 Series Access Servers
  • Cisco Certified Refurbished AS5300 Series Access Servers