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Cisco IAD2430 Access Servers (Integrated Access Devices)

Cisco IAD2430 Access Servers (Integrated Access Devices)

The Cisco IAD2430 Integrated Access Device is the next-generation integrated voice and data services platform for service providers, building on the industry-leading Cisco IAD2420 Integrated Access Device. The Cisco IAD2430 Access Server offers a major leap forward in price performance and enhanced software functions, such as Cisco CallManager Express) and rich Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) gateway services, to cost-effectively accelerate the migration from time-division multiplexing (TDM) to voice over IP (VoIP). The Cisco IAD2430 builds on the maturity of the Cisco IAD2420 Access Server software by providing denser interfaces (up to 24FXS and up to 2 data T1s), an encryption co-processor, and DC battery backup input while maintaining a 1-rack-unit (RU) form factor for space-saving service provider managed services deployments.

Also Found As:

  • Cisco IAD2430 Access Servers
  • Cisco IAD2430 Integrated Access Devices
  • Used Cisco IAD2430 Series Access Servers
  • Refurbished Cisco IAD2430 Series Access Servers
  • Cisco Certified Refurbished IAD2430 Series Access Servers