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Cisco Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA 186, ATA 187, ATA 188)

Cisco Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA 186, ATA 187, ATA 188)

The Cisco Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) products are standards-based communication devices that deliver true, next-generation voice-over-IP (VoIP) terminations to businesses and residences worldwide. The Cisco ATA 186, Cisco ATA 187 and Cisco ATA 188 are mixed-environment adaptors that interface legacy analog telephones, fax machines, analog conference telephones and other analog devices to IP based telephony networks thereby allowing companies to protect their investments in analog phones, fax machines, and speakerphones, and migrate to IP at their own pace. These products address the needs of enterprises, small-office environments, and the emerging VoIP managed voice services and local services market by helping companies cost-effectively turn their analog devices into IP devices.

The Cisco ATA 180 Series is installed at the subscriber's premises and supports two voice ports, each with its own independent telephone number. This adaptor can make use of existing Ethernet LANs, in addition to broadband pipes such as digital subscriber line (DSL), fixed wireless and cable modem deployments.

The Cisco ATA186, Cisco ATA187 and Cisco ATA188 complement the Cisco family of IP Phones which offer choice and flexibility, so you can take full advantage of the benefits afforded by IP Telephony. Cisco offers a range of standards based, mixed environment Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATAs) for up to 2 devices and gateways for up to 48 devices, to address every business and residential application.

Also Found As:

  • Cisco ATA
  • Cisco Analog Telephone Adapters
  • Cisco ATA 186
  • Cisco ATA 187
  • Cisco ATA 188
  • Cisco ATA186
  • Cisco ATA187
  • Cisco ATA188
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