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Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Switches

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The Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Switch Routers consist of the five-slot Cisco Catalyst 8510 and the 13-slot Cisco Catalyst 8540. Originally, a Campus Switch Router (CSR) and Multiservice Switch Router (MSR) were offered:

The Cisco Catalyst 8540 CSR is designed to scale campus distribution and core networks. This Slot-13 chassis also provides support for Layer 2 (L2) bridging and L3 routing as well as future capabilities for ATM uplink capacity. The Cisco Catalyst 8540 Switch Processor requires two slots, with a third slot needed for redundancy. Should either of the switch processors fail, the third will take over. One slot is required for the route processor, which handles system management and control plane functions. A second route processor slot is reserved for redundancy. The remaining eight slots are used for connectivity modules. The C8541CSR-RP and C8542CSR-SP modules run L3 Cisco IOS Software.

The Cisco Catalyst 8540 MSR can be equipped with ARM functionality which provides Ethernet-ATM and ATM-ATM bridging and routing capabilities. When the ATM router module is installed, you can have both L3 and ATM technologies in the same multiservice ATM switch router chassis.

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